How Gezi Protests Changed Turkey?

It was supposed to be a green movement initially. Couple dozens of students just were doing a sit-in in Istanbul’s Gezi Park at Taskim Square. Had they let them be, they would probably get bored and return home in a few days… However, disproportionate use of force and gassing peaceful sit-in activists lead to a massive support… The support got exponentially strong, as Turkish them PM –currently president — Recep Tayyip Erdogan remained defiant.

At one point, the protesters returned back and went home, but even this triggered a kind of power Turks believed was long lost… Turkish politics will never be the same again.

So what happened in Gezi Park and where it led? In this post I’ll list my coverage of Turkish democracy in action and its consequences. All of my articles on this topic were originally published by Southeastern European Times.


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