About me

alex 9.50.31 PMI’m a Washington, D.C.-based journalist specializing in the Caucasus and wider Black Sea region.

I cover the U.S. policies on South Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Turkey and the surrounding region. My coverage interests also include Eurasian democracy, rights, media and other freedoms, as well as peace and security.

In this personal portfolio you’ll be able to view a selection of my articles as well as audio and video reports. All work is my own and credit must be given for all ideas and writing appearing on this site.

Some of the published content is related to my studies, as I’ve recently graduated with my master degree in Interactive Journalism from American University’s School of Communications. When I’m not in a newsroom, I can always be found in a classroom learning how to integrate traditional journalistic skills with multimedia to create an interactive environment for storytelling…

Want to reach me? Try me at ralakbar@gmail.com