Turkey / Black Sea

Tweet or treat?

Authoritarian leaders don’t just hate social media. They also use it as a tool for silencing activists, spreading propaganda   Arzu Geybulla, a journalist and blogger in Turkey, says she wasn’t entirely surprised when she became a subject of an intimidation campaign on social media on an October night. “When you have a voice and […]


Ukraine crisis: What‘s next?

Re-posting my March, 2014 article on Ukrainian crisis. This piece was originally published by REF/RL, Radio Azadlig. The three and half-months-old crisis in Ukraine escalated last weekend with Russia’s invasion of its next-door neighbor, according to the US officials. Fortunately, there has been no violence or bloodshed yet, but there is great uncertainty about whether […]



Can Turkey and Israel reconcile their differences?

Re-publishing my December, 2011 article on Turkey-Israel relationship. This piece was originally published by SETimes Yildirim Tugrul Turkes wonders what the Middle East would be like today if Israel and Turkey, two longtime allies in the region, hadn’t experienced the tragic May 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla raid. “It’s hard to see how our nations are […]