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Flacking for despots: Inside Azerbaijan’s lobbying in the U.S. (Video)

Lobbying is extremely effective on any democratic governance, including in the U.S. politics. Though politicians are prohibited from accepting money directly from foreign governments, it is believed that indirect funding may occur through domestic lobbyists hired by foreign actors. What this means is, regardless of what happens in dictatorships from Central Asia to the Middle […]



Africa-focused Startups Pitch Their Companies in Diaspora Demo Competition

Investors, entrepreneurs and African diaspora members gathered today at World Bank’s Preston Auditorium for the Diaspora Demo Day competition where more than two dozen of Africa-focused startups presented their companies. The event marked a great space to network and build relationships for nonprofit where investors offered key insights on pitching. “This is the largest gathering […]

How Small Countries Buy Respect Abroad? My stories on Azerbaijan’s lobby hobby in Washington, DC

Oil-rich Azerbaijan remains one of the few countries in the Eurasia region that seem to be doing its best to tighten its relations with the western countries by cracking down on the civil society and the US-linked organizations. In the meantime, this post-soviet country appears yet to be attractive for top US officials, policy and […]



Is Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Near Breaking Point? My interview with top US envoy

As shots across the Line of Contact between Azerbaijan and Armenia have recently become more common, causing reportedly at least 50 lives from both sides in the past few weeks, many that were involved in the peacemaking efforts, worry that a settlement will not be possible amid growing tension and mistrust between the Armenian and […]