Flacking for despots: Inside Azerbaijan’s lobbying in the U.S. (Video)

Lobbying is extremely effective on any democratic governance, including in the U.S. politics. Though politicians are prohibited from accepting money directly from foreign governments, it is believed that indirect funding may occur through domestic lobbyists hired by foreign actors. What this means is, regardless of what happens in dictatorships from Central Asia to the Middle […]

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Are Americans paying enough respect for Memorial Day? (VIDEO)

Memorial Day is for remembering and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice — gave their lives — so that others would live in freedom. But, increasingly over the years more Americans seem to prefer staying in instead of visiting a National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Are there enough credits given to the armed forces? […]

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A Dissident’s Life…

Story of Ramis Yunus, a family member of Azeri imprisoned rights defenders Arif and Leyla Yunus.  (Audio & Photo Multimedia) Despite living for more than a decade in the United States, a leading Azeri dissident says he feels homesick for his motherland that he is not allowed to return to. The dissident, Ramis Yunus, 56, […]

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Photos: Cherry Blossoms 2015

Some shots from my camera of the cherry blossoms today.                                        

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Running in Crystal City: Multi-Image Photo Story

Area runners’ favorite spring evening race series, the Crystal City 5K Fridays, is back! Starting yesterday, April 10, four 5K races will be held on consecutive Fridays. Here are some shots from my camera. Be brave and run all four; kick your weekends off with a fit start!                   […]

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Shooting under the sun: 72 images from VII Evolution Washington, D.C. workshop

Last Sunday, on March 29, I took a part in VII Evolution Washington, D.C. workshop organized by AbelCine at the National Mall, featuring award-winning photographers, Ashley Gilbertson and Ed Kashi. While shooting under the sun, we had an opportunity to learn, grow and exchange our images with legendary photographers… A really nice experience !! Sharing […]

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Visual Storytelling — Life in Washington D.C. and Ukrainian support rally in 6 images

Light vs. Darkness…  Timing…  Multiple Planes (Framing)  Environmental Portrait (Rule of Thirds) Depth of Field — Deep  Depth of Field — Shallow Some more shots from the National Rally In Support of Ukraine

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Check out some of my selected videos from 2014

  Washington event: US backs independent voices, seeks ‘engagement’ with Azerbaijan     CPJ’s J.Simon about Azeri crackdown on independent media and ‘democratators.’ More here     Top US analyst urges for sanctions on Azeri govt. for outrageous treatment of its own people     Colleagues, friends support journalist Khadija Ismayil in front of Azeri […]

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